Muddy Girl

Took Dale to a pond in a very small park about 15 minutes from home for her late evening walk.

The pond has all kinds of wildlife during summer, but during this time of year, it's just a shallow pool of mud, which Dale loves!

There are no people in this park after midnight, so it's OK to let her off of her leash.

When it's that time of the week for her bath, I let her have all the fun she wants in the mud!

On the way back home, there's a short wall lined with some small bushes and shrubbery. Dale loves to jump up and walk along the top of the wall. I love how she crouches like a cat stalking prey when she crawls under the bushes. (This is a trait that was bred into Border Collies for sheep herding purposes.)

At the end of our walk, we race down the street to the house. She really loves running and racing with me. 

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