Spring Colors

Got a new bunch of flowers today. Even though it's almost November, florists are growing spring-like flowers in greenhouses somewhere in Japan!

I love the bright warm colors! They kind of help take the sting of the cold winter days that are fast approaching!


Clool Warm

Although these are the basically the same pictures of the same flowers, I used different editing software to create different moods.

Personally, I like the warm effect much more for flowers arranged in a Japanese-style room.


Private Resort

It's starting to get cold, and Mary has taken over my futon as her private resort. She sometimes growls if I try to move her so that I have some space to sleep. 

More often than not, I have to bribe her with a doggy snack to move over and make room for me! :-)


Behind Bars

I have gate separating the classroom from the hallway to keep Dale out if the tatami mat room. She loves all the students and occasionally wets herself when she gets overly excited. Cleaning dog pee on tatami mats is nearly an impossible task!

So during each class, Dale patiently waits until class is finished so that she can get some love and attention from students.


Emperor and Empress

Part of today's bouquet included a fuzzy-looking grass.

On her way home from work, picked up a rose to add a little contrast to the other flowers.

Even though there is one rose, it was able to add a nice aroma to the classroom.

The commemorative plate of the wedding of the current emperor and empress add a nice touch to the tokonoma alcove. 

The plate was going to be thrown away, but I fortunately salvaged it from a home that was being torn down in Shizuoka. 


Orange Nap

After unpacking some boxes from the move, I found her bag for carrying her on the train or bus. She really likes the small space of this carrying "cage."

I loaded it up with her favorite towels and blankets. For some reason, she hates wearing her striped orange jacket, but loves to gnaw on it.

Whereas Dale would rather tear up and chew on towels or house slippers, Mary seems more content to just snuggle up somewhere nice and comfy and sleep the day away!