Brass Knuckles

Like brass knuckles pounding the coastline.
Run or drown.
A hollow trunk, eaten from inside out.
Blind me with rhythms,
Deafen with me with heavy light.
Lost to time, lost to memory, lost to the crash coastline.

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Electro House 2017 Club Mix (PeeTee Mixplode 144)

Am enjoying this particular mix tonight as I do some work at Starbucks.

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Once a Day

Seeds were sown.

Fruits of labor grew.

A tempest raged on the horizon.

Time, a soul, and a heartbeat stolen.

Despairing numbness.

Blinding silence.

Sinking in the abyss.


YDC Visit

Jeunesse Coffe Shop
June 12, 2017 (16:21)

Visited YDC today with my coworker. In the end, we didn't actually go to the client's site. Our "professor" insisted that we visit YDC and do a kind of follow-up sales pitch. However, my colleague and I are well aware that the information provided in the official pamphlets is completely useless and counterproductive when trying to make a sales pitch to our targeted market.

It is often the case that the original marketing materials are developed in-house by Japanese staff with an aim for increasing sales within the Japanese market place. Problems arise when material that is targeted for Japanese users gets translated literally into English without any context or consideration what is considered appealing to non-Japanese clientele.

If you factor in the point that more than half of our clients are not native English speakers, it becomes even more imperative that our material be as upfront, clear, and simple as possible.

In my personal experience, Japanese business materials tend to be dense; use a wild range of colors, fonts, and styles; and are inadvertently produced to provide the details and information that only the author and his colleagues are able comprehend. Very little effort is made to approach a presentation from the end-user's point of view.

My coworker and I gave up in frustration and out of a desire to avoid embarrassing ourselves just to meet the short-sighted and ignorant directives given to us by our Japanese superiors who have no idea how to market and appeal to a non-Japanese clientele, and are too proud and over confident to ask their non-Japanese staff for advice, direction, and input.

This situation is a bit frustrating because it could be easily remedied, but working in small, family-run Japanese company requires that I keep my thoughts to myself and simply do as I am told in order to keep my job.

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Dale and Dragon Boat Race

Dale the border collie enjoying the shade at Yamashita Park on Tokyo Bay in the Port of Yokohama.

While hanging out at the park, it just happened to be on the same day of the Yokohama Dragon Boat Race 2017:


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Like barbed wire,
tied in knots around your chest.

Like falling into icy water,
while gasping for your breath.

A sudden numbness,
erasing feelings and desire.

Shame of weakness and fragility,
envelopes you like fire.

Sapped of energy, vitality,
and strength to move on.

Turn away, close your eyes,
your insignificant first-world problem.


Four White Pills

Watch the pain,
let the abscess grow.

Ascend the slope,one foot down,
knees cracking under the load.

A lonely street lamp casts convulsing shadows
fleeting across the cobblestones.

Four white pills with a cup of joe,
eyelids heavy,saved by sanity.