Bamboo Shrine

Took Dale to the top of the hill in a local park at night. She can roam freely without a leash at this time of night.

There are two tiny Shinto Shrines at the top. Have yet met anyone who knows why or when they were put there. 

Dale is hoping I'll play fetch with her using that long bamboo stalk on the ground! 

Going down the hill, there is the huge earthenware pot or vase full of water. Wonder if it's for firefighting purposes?

A farmer's field on the way home is surrounded by a thicket of bamboo. Much more appealing than barbed wire!

My neighbor is growing this spring-like flowers in front of their house in the dead of winter!

Another neighbor had old bamboo overgrown with vines for the fence around their property.

I make sure that Dale is given the command "Up!" whenever we find a wall that she can scale. Good exercise for her and really cool to watch!

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