Afternoon Dog Walk

Dale enjoying one of her very first afternoon walks when she was only about 3 months old.

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Sunny Park

It was great weather today. Not too hot nor too cold. 

Dale is still too young to get her immunization shots, so the best time to take her out for a walk is when there are likely no other dogs that could infect her with rabies or other diseases. 

Her big floppy paws are out of proportion with the rest of her soft, cuddly body.


Bento Sounds

Took Dale with me to order some take-out at a local bento shop. 

This was her first time to go down this street to the shop. She was scared a lot by the sounds of buses and motorcycles driving by! 

She couldn't understand how glass works and was whimpering outside. 


Wet Puppy

Took Dale for a walk in the local park. It was her first time to go out in the rain. She seemed bewildered at first!

It's amazing how fast she's growing up. Before long, I will miss her cute puppiness.

Fortunately, Border Collies are known to continue acting like puppies until the age of two!


Enoshima Sunrise - Going Home

After the sunrise, I climbed up the island to this beautiful, vermillion Shinto shrine.

When visiting a shrine, it's customary to wash your hands at the water fountain prior to approaching the shrine. Many such fountains use bamboo for the water pipe and a dragon's head for the water tap/spout.

This colorful dragon is an uncommon sight at a Shinto shrine. I don't know the significance, but it could be a means of warding off evil spirits from the Kami (God) enclosed in the shrine.

In the Shinto tradition, natural items like rocks, trees, etc. are considered to be gods themselves or have god-like powers -- not unlike what you might find with some of the Native American traditions.

Many people write messages of hope or appreciation and hang them on this red rack. 

One last shot of the morning sky before heading home. 

OK. One more last shot of the morning sky before heading home. This one was taken from where the shrine was located.

A furin windchime ringing in the morning breeze along the shopping promenade as I head back to the parking lot. 

And then suddenly, there is this modern-looking sculpture at the bottom of the island which completely clashes with the traditional mood of the island. Japan has a lot of this mixture of old and new mixed up together in a rather haphazard manner!

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Enoshima - Sunrise

Cloud cover on the horizon might could make for a beautiful sunrise or a mundane sunrise.

The pier near Enoshima Island for cruisers and small boats for outings.

Starting to get some nice contrast on the horizon.

The clouds are turning out to offer some interesting possibilities.

Love the contrast in blues and reds and yellows.

She'll be rising soon!

Love this time of morning!

Can't quite tell if that is the actual sun in the middle or just sunlight . . . 

Zooming in doesn't help much.

There she is -- the sun has risen.

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Enoshima Approach

Left the house early around 4:30 a.m. to and head to Enoshima Island to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

Shops with goods on display along the main street approaching the main shrine.

It's still dark at this time in the morning. This street is usually bustling with vendors and tourists.

A nice light is implanted into the sidewalk giving the evening walk a romantic flair.

The lights are low enough to the ground to provide sufficient light for walking, but don't glare in your eyes or through the windows of the tightly and closely built buildings, homes, inns, etc.

The main shrine on the island. The lookout point for taking pictures is up and behind this location. 

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