Urban Farm

Chilly morning dog walk. 

Front gate to a wealthy homeowner. Likely a retired or semi-retired farmer. 

Spring blossoms come in all colors.

She has found something's burrow.

I swear she's actually smiling for this pose!?

Monochrome effect. Playing with the camera.

One of my favorite shots.

Early morning sun shining through the grove of a nearby hill. 

Exposed roots of a huge tree in the middle of a bamboo grove. 

View upon exiting the bamboo grove. Well manicured and kept small Japanese farm with public housing units in the background. 

Fruit trees with blossoms starting to come out of their buds.

Bamboo are not always straight. They seem to wiggle their way up the sky in any way they can. 

Looking west from the top of the bamboo grove.


T-Bone Steak

Fresh asphalt recently laid down at a local cemetery. Nobody uses these stairs anymore. Look like some steps to a Mayan temple found in a rain forest.

Some families spend a lot of time and effort to keep the shrubbery in mint condition at the family plot.

These steps lead to the top of the hill where more plots are found in the newer part of the cemetery.

She found her ball on the "ancient steps" of a "Mayan Pyramid."

Will go to any length to get her toys!

She loves crawling under shrubs.

"Where's my ball?!"

Found a new toy!

Better she destroys this twig than my shoes.

You'd think she found a T-bone steak or something!


Fresh Air

Early morning dog walk at a local park.

Enjoying a breath of fresh air.

Eyes are hidden like a panda!


Critter Scent

Morning dog walk in the nearby bamboo grove.

Possibly checking out the scent of small critters living in the bamboo grove.

Love this old, huge, thick tree at the top of the hill next to the bamboo grove.

iPhone creates nice effect of the morning sun shining through the bamboo grove.

She doesn't want to leave the grove and head back home.

Soccer Mud

We found a soccer ball in the local park. 

How she loves the mud!

Time to take a bath!


Shinto Border

Morning dog walk past a local Shinto Shrine.

Posing for me on a bridge near the shrine.

At the bottom of the stairs leading to the shrine.

At a park near the local shrine.


Dog Shrubbery

Was able to get some nice shots at a local park during an early evening dog walk.

Hiding in the shrubbery at the park.

Come here!

Even moss grows on the nearby hill in the local park.

Adult Teeth

Afternoon dog walk near a nearby high school.

Adobe-colored clay on the side of the hill near a local high school.

She chews on anything she can these days as her adult teeth come in.

Not often I can get her to pose for me with a side view.

I think she was looking at a crow flying over.

Roof Architecture

Spring blossoms in front of neighborhood home.

I love the more traditional Japanese architecture.

Japanese tiles are great for taking pictures. Also, quite resilient during typhoons.

This roofing shows the family seal of the homeowner (orange symbol in middle).