Trimmed Trees Polished Rocks - Jougashima

Heading back up from the coastline to to the top of the island was a bit slippery. Handrails were not available where they were needed most. I should have worn a different pair of shoes!

Today was a nice day to visit Jougashima, but I would hate to be here on the days when wind, water, and ice take their toll on the coastline to erode and polish the rough edges off of these rocks!

I tried to trim the trees and shrubbery in my own yard to look like this shot. My results were horrible! I wonder how the pros know where and how much to trim for the right look and health of the plant?!

Finally made it back to the parking lot. This shot kind of reflects how I felt about leaving. A little gloomy and tired. Hate having to go home when there was still more that I wanted to see and do.

Crossed the bridge from the island and along the way home, caught site of this huge crane towering over the buildings all around it. Love how the tones of the crane coincide with the tones of the sky.

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Jougashima Lighthouse Cove

At the end of Jougashima Island, you can climb down to waterline, where if the tide is low, you can actually walk out to the lighthouse.

There are a lot of cement structures poking up here and there. Wonder what used to be there...

The geological forces that pushed these rocks up and flipped them on their side is truly amazing.

Am big fan of the green plant life that survives under the salty ocean water at high tide, and manages to survive in the open air at low tide.

The carcass of this fish was in perfect condition -- minus its innards.

Had to get down on my stomach to crawl under some rocks to catch the shot above and the shot below. I would love to have this kind of scenery in my backyard.

I have never seen such a secured door besides on ships. My guess is that it has to be kept air tight to prevent water from getting inside during high tide or rough sees. If that is true, the vents on the door don't make any sense.

The whole structure is covered with quarter-sized tiling. 

A totally unplanned shot. The sun was positioned just right! :-)

Even at low tide, the waves hitting the shore line make impressive splashes that I had a hard time catching at just the right time. 

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Green Jougashima

View of the Pacific Ocean from the water's edge. Just about slipped and fell into the water in trying to get this shot!

View of the Pacific Ocean from the top of the island.

One of many small coves that can be  accessed if you're very careful or are wearing your swimsuit! 

Love the moss-like plants that grow all over the place near the ocean, in the mountains, and in Japanese gardens.

Amazing how life in nature will strive against all odds. This flower barely had enough soil in its crevice, but somehow manages to have at least one tiny blossom notwithstanding.

Radio GPS Handiwork

Along the way to Jogashima Island, we passed by the port of Kurihama.

Took a short break to get something to drink from the vending machine. Nearby, there was a tiny offertory box where people donate cash to the local deity. Whereas most boxes are rather large, this one was only about 12 cm long. Furthermore, it was made out of a piece of bamboo that was cut in half.

Came across this nice, old, Japanese house on the way to Johashima Island! Took this shot while sitting in traffic. 

Finally reached the bridge to Johashima Island!

Just a dorky picture of some vegetables growing on a small farm very close to the coast. The whole area is covered with small patches of vegetables and other produce.

More ships anchored off the coast of the Miura Peninsula. There seems to be a lot of commerce activity. There were probably more ships during the bubble era 20 years ago.

This was my first time to Jogashima on the Miura Peninsula. Was pleased to see so many huge ships anchored out in Tokyo Bay

Millions of years later, the jagged edges of ancient lava flows and tectonic plates buttressing upwards have been softened and sculptured by the forces of wind and water.

A little envious of whoever is out in the bay enjoying sailing off the coast of the Miura Peninsula.

The weather at Jougashima was nice and cool, but it had been raining earlier in the day. Great chance for catching nature's artwork.

More of Nature's handiwork.

This trail leading up from the coast reminded me of a scene from the animated movie, "My Neighbor Totoro"!

Several lighthouses dot the coastline of the bay. Although they seem to be well maintained, a friend of mine working for the port authority told me most ships these days rely on GPS and radio communications.

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Enoshima Coastline Trees

Took this shot and the next few from atop of the island. The rocks along the coast were covered with a moss-like grass. Love the dark green!

Thank goodness for telephoto lenses! Was able to catch a shot of this Japanese hawk (tabi) while it was resting on a tree stretching out over the ocean.

This shot and the one below are basically the same. Like out changing the lighting and tones on the computer creates a completely different mood.

This well-pruned tree was in front of a Japanese-style B&B. The building exterior has traditional sandy-type mud on the outer walls. Love the earthy tones of traditional Japanese architecture. 

The B&B has a really cool door. The design makes me imagine I might be looking at a door of a home in New Mexico or Arizona as opposed to Japan.

Although I am not good at reading and writing Japanese kanji characters, I love any character written in the style of a brush. They seem so artistic to me. This kanji is read as "ten" and means heaven. It was simply from a flag in front of a tenpura noodle shop.

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Enoshima Island Town

Main torii gate marking the entranceway to a small, narrow street lined with souvenir and gift shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

A monochrome version of the same gate shown above.

Lots of tourists on this sunny, spring afternoon!

So-called lion-dogs that guard the shrine. Usually, there are one each on both sides of the entranceway at each of the many shrines on the island.

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