Relieve the Pain

She can talk in short two or three word phrases, but can't make a standard sentence. 

Sometimes there is a mismatch between question given and the answer received. It's really confusing because I don't know if she understood me but didn't know how to reply. Or, she misunderstood me and replied to the wrong question.

I found a nice apartment that was quite cheap with a completely barrier free interior. The toilet, the entranceway, and the bathroom have been totally remodeled to accommodate a person needing nursing care or hospice care.

With all the fees and the moving company fees it looks like it will cost about ¥500,000 to move into that apartment. I think I have about ¥17,000 in cash and nothing in savings.

I was hoping that her father would come through and help out but he is in a kind of shock that his daughter is so severely disabled. I don't think he understands the gravity of the situation.

The apartment would have been great. It would be a great place for her to continue her rehabilitation, has an extra room for my father-in-law, and a big enough room for her and a hospital bed.

Probably the worst experience for me is to see her suffering and not be able to do anything to help or to relieve her pain.

This past week has brought a thought to the forefront in my mind, "What is the purpose of living?"

We live, we suffer; we work, we suffer; and we age, and die. 

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