Cold and Wet Puppies

Mary being extremely shy about getting close to the water. She is too small to climb up the steps to get away.

Dale, on the other hand can't wait to jump in!

Never quite figured out what she was looking at. Maybe a small fish surface above the water to grab a bite?

Mary's first and last swimming lessons. I thought she was going to have a heart attack!

Hope she doesn't see the dorsal fin of a shark creeping up behind me.

It is funny not only when she does this out of the water, but also while IN the water.

Finally got a shot of her looking at me! :-)

Post-swimming lesson for Mary.

The Queen Mary is not happy and ready to go home to her air conditioned apartment.

Natural instinct eventually kicked in and she enjoyed sniffing everything around her.

All shot taken with an Sony HDR-GW77V Handcam in photo mode.

Creative Commons License

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