Dog IDs

Don't know which would be worse, two rows of eight dog teats or a dog penis? Fortunately, Dale has much more fur to avoid her teats from being so darn noticeable.

I wonder why the ant-red-eye software doesn't work with dogs' eyes?

This is one of my favorite poses. Her proportions are good and her muscularity is well-defined.

One bad thing about Mary is that her claws grow rather quickly. She has a tendency  to walk on her claws like a cat when prancing around, which makes it easy for her to slip on the tatami mats. Her breed is for digging out varmints in the fields or around the barn -- not for living in a house with a slick floor.

In the end, this is the shot we chose for her pet insurance ID card and her dog run ID card.

She definitely looks "royal" in this pose. Miniature Pinschers are known as the "King of Toy Dogs."

As to be expected, she can's sit still long enough before having to start sniffing for some doggy snacks! :-)

When she isn't licking me on the face, hands, or feet, then she'll resort to licking herself and tidying up.

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