Mary Spring Flowers

Although this time of year is a bit strenuous due to allergies, of which both I and Mary share, it is refreshing to start having warmer afternoons and blossoms starting to come out indicating the rebirth of life once again.

Mary like to mess up all my blankets in such a way that is most comfortable for her. Only problem is that this is not her bed, but mine. It's still cold at night, so I have to fix the blankets on the futon and let her cuddle up near my feet, which is kind of nice for me, too!

Usually when I go out to take pictures, I am alone and by myself. I think photography is typically a solo activity and actually can be frustrating if you have to worry about the boredom your associate may be experiencing if they are not into photography. 

These two shots are of spring blossoms on trees that are growing in the wild on a super tiny nature preserve on top of a small hill near home. I have no idea what kinds of trees they are or even if they actually bear fruit. 

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