Hawkish Moon

The waning moon makes her appearance at the same time the sun arises to bath us in her life-giving warmth.

If I lived in this area, I would love to wake up early every morning to go for a jog along the coast or down on the beach!

If I were on the other side of this island, and if it were clear enough in the sky, I might be able to catch a glimpse of a reddish Mt. Fuji!

It is at times like this that I wish I could fly like a bird and just coast on the warm air currents rising up from the ocean!

One of my favorite shots! Took more than a hundred shots of the hawks until finally got just the right one I was looking for! Thank heavens for the digital era!!

As she flys off and away, I am reminded of the time, and that I too must head back to my real life of humdrum toiling in a square enclosure of stel and cement we call offices.

So lucky to have visited here on such a clear morning!

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